Charlotte can’t believe her mate, Dave, has managed to wangle himself a place in her halls. While Hayley’s not happy to find Josh has moved in.

India, the new girl, has been drenched in beer at the union and inadvertently exposes herself to the whole bar. Later, there’s an uneasy silence when she also manages to offend everyone. After Hayley snaps at her, she finds comfort in Archie.

Meanwhile, the rest of the freshers challenge each other to dares and make a reluctant Josh to steal a moped from MOBs. Feeling guilty, Charlotte and Hayley try to get India away from Archie, but she’s having none of it and is left feeling heartbroken.

Lauren’s upset when Frankie has a go at her, convinced she knows where Newt is. And she’s shocked when Frankie reveals Gaz is still alive. Upset after her confrontation with Frankie, Lauren tells Calvin that Newt’s missing and explains that they all had an argument before he ran off. Calvin insists on speaking to Frankie, but is surprised when Cheryl takes over. Lauren goes to see Gaz in hospital and is relieved when he reveals he can’t remember a thing…

Also; Gilly enters a radio competition and is thrilled when he wins an adventure holiday of a lifetime.