The new residents make a grand entrance

Ashley and Laurel prepare for their leaving party, while the Bishop is seen talking to a mysterious couple and the villagers wonder whether St Mary’s has been bought by the mysterious new owners of Home Farm. The couple in question, Mark and Natasha Wylde (Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe), sweep into the village on horseback then rudely interrupt Ashley and Laurel’s leaving party and are met by a chorus of boos.

Natasha thinks on her feet and announces that they will be donating the church for use by the community. Natasha wins everyone round and Ashley and Laurel realise they will be able to stay in the village. Mark is irritated by Natasha’s largesse, but she points out that they now have the villagers eating out of their palms.

Aaron tries to make up for his behaviour by looking after Belle while Lisa is out and cooking her tea for her. But when Aaron leaves Belle on her own, Belle tries to lift the heavy grill-pan on her own. Lisa and Chas walk in and Lisa is furious with Aaron, who storms out. Chas is frustrated that her son is in the Dingles’ bad books yet again.

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