There’s a new supply teacher on staff at Waterloo Road this week and Jem Allen (played by My Family’s Daniela Denby-Ashe) and her flashy car are an instant hit with the pupils. Most of the staff are also happy about the new teacher’s arrival except for Grantly, who is suspicious of her apparently glamorous lifestyle.

When the pair go on a school trip he suggests a detour to her house with the pupils to check it is as grand as she makes out. It is and the boys are soon tucking into free champagne from her fridge. However, Grantly soon discovers the house isn’t Jem’s at all, but before he has the chance to gloat Bolton is hurt after knocking his head in the swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Janeece takes desperate measures to appear modest and finally decides she won’t feel better unless she has her breast augmentation operation reversed.