The Next Doctor

In this year’s long-awaited Christmas special, David Tennant’s Doctor Who finds himself wandering around a snowy Victorian London, just as his old adversary, the Cybermen, are on the march again.

And to complicate matters, a mysterious man, played by David Morrissey, also shows up and claims to be the Doctor. He’s even got a sonic screwdriver, a companion called Rosita and his own TARDIS! But don’t fret, the mystery behind this other Doctor gets revealed as the two Time Lords do battle with the metallic monsters.

Masterminding the Cybermen’s plot to destroy the Earth is a hard-hearted woman called Miss Hartigan (played by Dervla Kirwan). Dressed in scarlet, she’ll stop at nothing to achieve supreme power by creating the deadly CyberKing – a huge killing machine. Also watch out for the dog-like Cybershades. These shaggy creatures climb walls, are super-fast and do plenty of deadly work for Miss Hartigan.