As the Nightingales and Savages reel from last night’s revelation, Alfie feels lost and, reluctantly, calls Marnie for somewhere to stay. Meanwhile, as Diane and Harry wind up Tony about his mistake, Alfie arrives, tells them about the DNA mix-up and offers to help at the restaurant. He can’t help but feel rejected when Tony kindly tells him to go back to school.

Holly and Alfie come face to face at school – the first time as brother and sister. They empathise with each other but Holly’s mortified when Cindy turns up in the middle of her English class. Holly softens towards her mum when Cindy reveals why she had to give Alfie up – but then she remembers Cindy gave her away too when she sent her to boarding school.

Ellie’s disgusted with her dad when he reveals how he met Cindy and tore their family apart. Ellie slaps Cindy when she sees her in the village, and Alfie watches as Dirk tells his wife he can’t be with her anymore. At the Roscoes’, Cindy’s bereft and, when Alfie asks if he can stay with her for a while, she struggles with being faced with the baby she gave up 14 years ago.

Darren and Nancy are concerned when they tell young Charlie about Jade having cancer, and he then gets into a fight at school. Charlie panics when faced with Lindsey at the hospital and, later, Darren and Nancy are shocked when Charlie shares a secret: that Lindsey told him to lie about Trevor!

Also, Rachel agrees to postpone her and Nathan’s trip.