After yesterday’s ‘training’ day, Mandy, Chris and Karen are in no mood to deal with another day of instruction – especially when the subject of the training is once again ‘compassion’. Karen is sure she’ll ace it though – she’s a mother, after all. Mandy and Chris say that compassion is the nature of the vocation that attracted them into nursing in the first place.

As the trio are tasked with building a bridge out of straws and balloons, the idea is to work together, but they are more focussed on separate success, and end up failing miserably. Having failed the first task, they then begin a role play exercise. Mandy plays the part of an obnoxious patient, and Karen an overwrought overacting mother, but the trainer is forced, yet again, to explain this activity is about working together. 

As they try again – as different characters – they all realise how childish they’ve been behaving and begin to talk seriously about their lives as nurses. By the end of the day, they all understand the saying: “There’s no ‘I’ in team”.

Meanwhile, as Jas arrives at work, she gets a message on her phone calling her a horrible name. She deletes it, but the barrage of abuse is clearly starting to get to her and affect her work, so she confides in Kevin, who’s concerned and gives her a reality check. It’s not just the texts, it’s the flower on her car, now this! As Jas realises she’s being stalked, she can’t think who would do something like this, but Kevin can… Al! 

Also, Heston uncovers the bizarre reason behind a student’s nausea.