The Oddsockeaters – Sky Cinema Premiere

At last! The mystery of missing socks is solved

At last! The mystery of missing socks is solved.

The culprits are the oddsockeaters, small fluffy creatures who snaffle hosiery from under human noses, remaining invisible to all but eccentric oddballs.

They only take single socks, never a pair. And, on the principle that you are what you eat, they look rather like socks themselves.

Adapted from the popular children’s books by writer Pavel Srut and illustrator Galina Miklínová (the director here), this winsome Czech animated film has mischievous fun with its premise, although the plot, which sees an orphaned hero caught between two rival gangs of oddsockeaters, is a tad threadbare.

Even so, the movie remains cute and charming overall.