The Osbornes ask Darren to move out

Darren announces to the Osbornes that he and Nancy are getting married, but Tom isn’t happy. Jack has lost £2,000 and when he finds a betting slip with a £2k stake, all eyes turn to Darren… Darren tries to convince his family he hasn’t been betting but when the bookie from the betting shop comes to the pub to return Darren’s wallet that he left there earlier, all hope is lost. Darren moves out and Nancy goes with him, standing by her man.

Patrick rushes to the hospital when he gets a worried call from Sienna’s doctor. Following Darren and Nancy’s visit, Sienna has been stockpiling pills and the nurses are concerned she’s going to make an attempt on her own life. Sienna helplessly begs her dad to get her out of there.

At home, Maxine surprises him by saying she’s organised another engagement party for them at The Dog. He’s disgusted that she would even consider holding it there after what the Osbornes have done to Sienna and he punishes her for being foolish.