The Pandorica Opens

Van Gogh is disturbed by one of his paintings and when Winston Churchill later unearths it, he makes contact with River Song to alert the Doctor and she escapes from prison.

The Time Lord and Amy find a message from River on the oldest planet in the universe and travel to Roman Britain and Stonehenge to meet her. She reveals that the painting depicts the TARDIS exploding and there is a link to the mysterious Pandorica. The trio go underground beneath Stonehenge and discover the Pandorica, a stone box containing the most feared thing in the universe. As it starts to unlock, fleets of aliens, from Daleks to Cybermen, are racing across the sky to claim its contents.

Amy and the Doctor are confronted by a Cyberman, but a Roman soldier kills it, before revealing himself to be Rory, mysteriously returned from the dead.

River, meanwhile, experiences problems with the TARDIS and ends up in Amy’s old bedroom in the present day. She communicates with the Doctor and they realise something has been using Amy’s memories for nefarious purposes. River has to get away and land the TARDIS before it explodes, but she ends up trapped in the time machine.

As Amy begins to remember Rory, she is suddenly shot in the back and collapses. Meanwhile many of the Doctor’s foes including the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans arrive and announce they have formed an alliance. They have manipulated Amy’s memories to entrap the Doctor as they believe he has caused the cracks in the universe, which are about to delete history. They strap him to a chair in the Pandorica and seal it.

Concludes next week…