Bridget and Declan begin to snipe at each other following their fight with the other teens. Tired and irritable, their emotions run high and it’s up to Steve and Miranda to remind them of what’s important. Realising that their new family and their future together are more important than any petty squabbles, Bridget and Declan make up. The Parker family then leave for their trip to Oakey.

Decland wishes he could travel with the Parkers, and loneliness soon takes its toll. To make himself feel better, Declan sends picture messages to his wife and child as they continue on their journey. Little does he know that tragedy is about to strike on a lonely country road when Steve loses control of the car.

Libby’s egg harvest has paid off and Susan is due to be implanted the following day. Now that the surrogacy is becoming a reality, Dan finds it difficult to know how to relate to Susan. She’s his mother-in-law but she could also be carrying his child. Pushed along by Toadie, Dan confesses his concern. Susan suggests that the only way they can survive the unconventional nature of the surrogacy is to keep talking with one another throughout the process.