After finding Mickey in the city, Callum attempts to convince him to return to Ramsay Street. But Mickey is reluctant, convinced he’ll be sent back to Perth. Betraying Mickey, Callum rings Toadie and tells him where they are and the pair are taken safely back to Erinsborough.

As the Parkers hear how lonely Mickey is, they debate whether to send him back to Ned or keep him with them. They eventually decide to send Mickey back to his parents, but Lou will accompany him and hopefully help Ned and Kirsten will decide what’s best for their son.

Susan urges Karl to report Nicola taking an unethical blood test from Pete Ferguson, but Karl wants to keep quiet, hoping it will all blow over. Pete arrives to confront Karl and threatens to sue him, while Karl maintains that early detection of his HIV virus could save his life.

Later, Susan is stunned when Pete Ferguson arrives at the newspaper, determined to expose a certain rogue doctor. But Susan cannot keep Elle from poking her nose in. Will she tell her the truth?

Also, Ty’s plans to enlist Rachel in the band hit a hurdle.