The partners are unimpressed by the candidates

Heston, Daniel and Zara prepare for the Practice Manager interviews, but thoughts of the upcoming reaccreditation are rife. They need someone strong to steer them through the reaccreditation, but are dubious about the calibre of the candidates, including Mrs Tembe. When Mrs Tembe asks Heston for advice, he leaves her thinking she’s in with a shot at the job.

As the interviews get going, the partners are dismayed with the candidates and Mrs Tembe does herself no favours. But they are soon blown away by Howard Bellamy, former Captain in the Aston Regiment, who knocks them sideways with his knowledge and expertise.

Howard understands the severity of the reaccreditation having been on the steering committee board and promises to deliver what they need. After asking for an exceptionally high salary he leaves, but the threesome are in reluctant agreement – if they want to weather this storm they need him.

Meanwhile, it’s Jack’s big exam day and Karen’s horrified when he reveals he’s only revised one topic. Jack’s delighted with his exam question and gets to work. But, as time ticks by, interruptions prevent the students from working and the exam is rearranged, leaving all Jack’s work undone.

Also, Jimmi tries to help a young girl who puts her life in danger when she becomes embroiled with a local dealer.