Heston is determined to see patients again; Julia wants the partners to vote on it. Julia has concerns about the reputation of the practice, but Daniel argues innocent until proven guilty and they shouldn’t deprive Heston of what he loves doing. Heston makes the most of seeing his patients and is eager to tell his colleagues that he’s being treated like a hero by them despite his notoriety.

But when he sees patient Albie he’s alarmed at Albie’s violent thoughts and assumption that Heston would want to start a local vigilante group to take the streets back. He asks him to leave. Rattled, Heston later tells Julia he thinks it better if he takes a lower profile at the practice, just until the court case is over.

Meanwhile, a reluctant Julia meets Martin for lunch. Despite herself she has a lovely time but when Martin talks about retiring to North Wales she is adamant she wants the opposite, she has no intention of slowing down. She leaves feeling despondent.

Also, Kevin has to use every ounce of his self-control when he encounters a patient who can’t help winding people up.