After almost being murdered last week, Finn returns from hospital, but the Bartons still have no idea why a mysterious man called Brad tried to kill him. Ross, however, soon finds out when he gets home to find Gary North – who he and Donna burgled a few months ago – waiting for him. When Ross realises Gary is behind the attempted murder of Finn, he lays into him, but it’s going to take more than that to scare off a man like Mr North! In fact, the hardened criminal makes it clear that other members of the Barton family will come to harm unless Ross agrees to do a job for him.

Bernice has been Down Under licking her wounds after seeing Andy kissing Katie a few weeks ago. When Katie hears of her return she urges Andy to tell Bernice that they are now in a relationship. However, when Andy tries to tell Bernice that he’s reunited with his ex, she gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks it might not be over between them.

Elsewhere in the village, Moira’s heartbroken as Cain continues to give her the cold shoulder, and Leyla is impressed when Megan strikes a deal with Bernice to rent the back room of the beauty salon so that they have a base for their wedding planning business…