Wallowing in her own self pity, David finds Kylie by the canal and persuades her to come back for Christmas dinner. All seems calm at the Platts until Leanne playfully teases Nick over a cracker joke. Flying into a rage he slaps her hard across the face. And it’s not long before Kylie and David are arguing and she storms out, on a mission to get drunk.

Roy’s thrilled when Hayley gives him a model of the train he drove on their wedding day, but his hopes of a quiet Christmas are shattered when people keep turning up in their droves to offer their festive cheer. It seems his perfect last Christmas alone with Hayley is slowly slipping away.

Carla surprises Peter by giving him a legal document giving him a further  one per cent of Underworld, making them equal partners. Peter kisses her, but Rob and Tracy are annoyed.

Also, Sophie and a reluctant Sally head off to the soup kitchen leaving Tim to prepare Christmas dinner; and Michelle’s left furious with Steve’s present.