The Platts’ meal turns nasty

As Gail prepares for the family meal, David’s confident he can use it to inflame tensions more. With Nick and Leanne already at loggerheads over the Bistro sabotage, which he’s now accusing Peter of, the evening doesn’t get off to a great start. David is successful in fuelling the discontent as he steps up his secret revenge plan.
With a public order charge hanging over him and two complaints, Paul’s worried that his career could be over. Eileen’s more worried about the cracks in their relationship. Despite sensing this, Paul still refuses to apologise to Lloyd.
As Gary insists on trying to do things for Jake, Izzy misreads his fears over his lack of bonding time with the baby as him doubting her ability to cope. As a frustrated Izzy confronts him, Gary finally opens up to her about his fears.
Also, Sylvia suggests a holiday for Roy and Hayley as they struggle with the pressure of her illness; Tracy’s annoyed that Rob seems to be more interested in riling Peter and Carla than he is in her business ideas; Leanne and Eva row over Leanne’s refusal to be a bridesmaid for Stella.