The Platts turn on each other

David persuades Sarah she’d be best to move back to Milan and start afresh so Sarah hands her notice in at the pub. When she breaks the news to Bethany that they’re returning to Milan, she tells Sarah there’s no way she’s getting on the plane. Later, David tells her it’s for their own safety as Callum has threatened to kill them both and while Bethany’s scared witless, Kylie’s shocked by David’s vehemence.

Jamie tells Luke he needs cash from the race to clear his mounting debts. He tells him that he promised Maria he wouldn’t race, but is forced to change his mind when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless he cooperates!

Aidan joins Matthew and Johnny in the bistro, where he manages to rescue the deal and secure a large order. He also begins to see Johnny’s worth.

Alya and Gary discuss their wedding plans with Yasmeen and Sharif.