Andy breaks into the house of an elderly man, and sees himself on the news, angry that it makes him sound like the bad guy. Elsewhere, Driver comes up with the name Toby Gregson, a lawyer who has represented some shady characters in the past.

Superintendent Noakes turns up and tells Driver that he is taking charge of the investigation. Throughout, Driver, after telling Emma about her adoption, is delayed in going to see Scarlett. Eventually she ups and leaves, switching her phone off. She goes to a house, where she meets Scarlett’s social worker Rachel. Rachel shows her in, and Driver spends time with the little girl she hopes to adopt.

Driver watches the CCTV footage and they get a name – Andy Weston. When Driver returns, Noakes berate her for being out of contact. While she was away they had a report of the missing man taking shelter in an elderly man’s home. The man is now in hospital. Noakes tells her she has blown their chance of finding the key to Treehouse.