Julia is so worried about Jimmi after he doesn’t turn up for work or his radio show again that she tells Lily and they contact the police.

Jimmi changes tack to try and help his escape. Within his drugged up state, he tries being a bit amorous with Sissy, but says they’d better save it for the big day. However, one thing is worrying him, with so many drugs in his system, it is making him very lethargic and he may not be able to meet Sissy’s demands. He encourages her to flush the drugs down the toilet.

Zara and Daniel meet Lisa for lunch and use their charm to convince her to let Daniel look after Izzie one afternoon a week. Lisa has an appointment that afternoon, so Zara suggests she and Daniel look after Izzie. But as soon as her back is turned, Zara goes – she has an appointment of her own.

Daniel’s taken aback and as he takes Izzie to the park, Zara rushes off. Later we see her in a prison visiting room. She sits down opposite a pale, silent man in his fifties and says ‘Hello Daddy’.

Also, Ruth shows a student that fitting in doesn’t have to mean forgetting who you are.

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