When the postman delivers a parcel for Roy, Fiz reckons they should open it as it might give them a clue to his whereabouts. However, a police officer comes in wanting to talk about Roy’s disappearance and shows them Roy’s bag that was found in the canal.

Tina’s passions are stirred when she sees Peter back from Paris. He suggests they make the most of their time together while Carla is away. Meeting at the bookies’ flat, Peter gives Tina a bracelet for her birthday and they make love. Steve notices the lights are on in the bookies and still thinks Peter and Carla are in Paris. Michelle gives him and Lloyd the spare key to investigate…

Stella is annoyed to find Dennis has spent another night on the sofa. He tries to make amends with Rita, but she tells him she needs some space.

Also, Todd apologises to Marcus and Maria for ruining their evening when there was clearly nothing wrong with Liam, and Amy dupes Tracy and Steve into agreeing to take her to a Victorian Day at the Museum of Science and Industry.