The police catch up with Cameron!

*Episode Two*

The police have Cameron in their high beams, but only because they want to rescue him! Cameron has crashed his van and is staggering around, barely conscious. He heard the voice messages on his phone from Chas and decided he’d rather run into a tree than run into more problems with her! But while Cameron’s being rescued, Chas is running around looking for proof that he’s cheating on her. She can’t find anything but, still, she’s had enough. Hurt and angry, Chas asks Gennie to help her pack Cameron’s bags because she’s throwing him out.

Charity’s just plain angry… She finds out Debbie’s left her kids with Robbie (Gabby must have been busy…) just so she can seal a deal with Kirk for knock-off booze. Charity accuses Debbie of prostituting herself and a furious Debbie says that’s the skank calling the whore a slut (or words to that effect). Ladies (of the night), please!

Then there’s the teenage problem Dingle girl, Belle. She’s going for round two with Sean, kissing him – again – and agreeing to date him – again. A year ago, though, Sean messed up their romance by kissing Ruby, so Belle might not be enough woman for him…