They did what they did for their man: Hazel for her son, Aaron for his lover. They helped Jackson die because that was his wish; he couldn’t face life as a tetraplegic and wanted to be set free in death. It broke their hearts to do it, but they did it anyway because they loved Jackson. Now Hazel and Aaron have to present themselves at the police station and answer some difficult questions. They’re interviewed in separate rooms and, when the police have finished, Hazel is released without charge. Chas and Paddy are sure that means Aaron will follow her. But Aaron’s charged with murder!

Another life is lost when Debbie has a miscarriage. Charity rushes her to hospital, but it’s too late. Debbie’s devastated, but tries to put on a brave face as Cameron arrives home with his sons, Dylan and Harry. This doesn’t feel like the right time to tell him they’ve lost their baby.

Pollard has a secret, too: he’s secretly put in an offer on Jai’s barn conversion. Mind, Val emotionally blackmailed him into making the move – but he’s not telling her that. Well, not yet, anyway.

*Second episode*

Aaron’s charged with murder and told he’ll have to go through a bail hearing. But the only thing that really registers is that he’ll miss Jackson’s funeral. He can’t be there with friends and family to say goodbye to the man he loved enough to let go. Chas turns on Hazel and erupts in fury, telling Hazel she doesn’t want her waiting at the police station with her. But neither of them can be with Aaron. He’s alone in a police cell, devastated and scared.

Debbie’s devastated, too, and looking for a way to tell Cameron she’s lost the baby. She’s forced to speak up as Cameron prepares to tell his sons that they’ll be getting a little brother or sister. Before he can say anything Debbie encourages him to put the boys to bed then tells him there will be no baby. Neither of them can tell the other how upset they really are, though, and both agree that it might be for the best.

Marlon’s not telling Paddy everything, either, such as: Rhona’s invited him to visit her. Just him; not Paddy. Pearl offers a pearl of wisdom: don’t go, Marlon. And he actually listens and turns down the invitation.