The police drop the case against Ash

Ash informs an angry Leila that the police have dropped the case against him. Anita’s in a rebellious mood and both she and Theresa end up in detention. Just as Anita is apologising to Des, Gov walks in with Leila demanding to know what’s going on and Anita spitefully tells everyone how he covered for her when she stole exam papers. Gov prepares to resign and Anita reveals to Leila what’s bothering her.

Jack despairs that Darren hasn’t even remembered his anniversary. Instead, a bored Darren heads over to Nancy’s flat where he winds her and Hannah up. Just as Hannah is about to kick him out he bluffs that he was planning to take her for lunch to make up for not attending her surprise party. Over at Gnosh, Darren and Hannah end up sat near Jack and Frankie’s table. An argument erupts and as Jack, Frankie and Hannah walk out, Darren is left to pick up the bill.

Nancy invites Loretta over for some girly time but is surprised when she arrives with an overnight bag. Nancy tensely explains she didn’t mean for her to stay over…

Also, Gilly tries to help when he finds a stressed out Steph at MOBS but is left looking stupid…

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