The police interview Rhiannon…

Rob interviews Rhiannon and gets her account of events, which seems to tally with her original story. Paul’s account seems to tally with Rhiannon’s but when Rob asks him about Rhiannon he snaps. He pushes his way out of the room and tells Rhiannon that they’re going home but she refuses – she wants to change her statement. Rhiannon tells Rob she didn’t drop Nicholas, she found him dead. Paul put his hands round her neck and warned her to keep quiet, or else. Paul and Rhiannon are arrested and put in separate cells.

Later, Emma gets drunk and has a go at Sid, before apologising and heading to bed. Ayesha is secretly alarmed, fearing Emma has never really got over Howard and her miscarriage.

Ruhma and Heston go to Daniel and Zara’s house for dinner but, when Zara makes ill-informed comments about Ruhma’s faith, Heston lays into her – why can’t she ever apologise? Daniel realises that Heston is obliquely referring to the Anthony situation and apologises but Zara is unrepentant. Ruhma tells Heston she wants to go home and Daniel realises the night’s been a disaster!