Jean is anxious that Stacey still hasn’t been in contact and starts obsessively cleaning the house. Max sees Jean in the market buying a mousetrap. Max offers to help Jean with her mouse problem but when he visits the house he realises that the ‘mouse droppings’ are just biscuit crumbs. While he’s there the police knock on the door and tell Mo they have bad news for Jean Slater…

Phil has Louise in the Vic and when the police come knocking he lies that he hasn’t seen her. Shirley warns Phil that if doesn’t play things by the book he risks losing Louise altogether. Phil realises Shirley is right and he phones social services and Louise is taken into temporary foster care. Phil promises his daughter that he’ll get her back.

Jane reads up about pregnancy. Ian and Lucy feel guilty about keeping Jane in the dark as they head to the clinic for Lucy’s abortion. Ian wonders if Lucy will go through with the termination. After a chat with a doctor Lucy’s mind is made up and she takes the first of two pills for the termination. Ian promises Lucy that he’ll break the news to Jane.

Also, Chelsea flirts with Jack after a disastrous blind date with Lucas’s assistant Matthew.

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