Mr Rickson of Rickson’s Robes calls into the factory for a meeting with Carla. He’s impressed with the girls and Carla hopes he’ll place another large order. DS Smith calls into the factory and tells Carla she’s needed at the police station for further questioning. Carla’s embarrassed while Mr Rickson is bemused. DS Smith tells Carla that they’ve got Jimmy Dockerson in custody.

Deirdre’s horrified when she sees the article in the Gazette. It mentions Jon Lindsay, her stint in prison and Tracy’s life sentence for murder. It’s clear Norris is enjoying the gossip. Deirdre’s furious with Ken for giving the journalist so many family details. Ken explains that he did it for Peter – he’s an alcoholic and shouldn’t be running a bar.

Graeme arrives in the Kabin with his foot in plaster. He’s cross with Norris for letting go of the ladder and Ashley’s fed up as Graeme isn’t fit for work. Kirk tells Norris and Emily that Graeme didn’t break their window, but it was some lads kicking a ball about. Norris apologises to Graeme.

Also; Dev meets up with Bernie for lunch and asks her to move in with him. However Bernie takes offence realising he’s just trying to get even with Sunita.

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*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla admits to the police that Tony told her he was responsible for Liam’s murder but she makes out she didn’t believe him. Michelle overhears the factory girls gossiping about Carla and how she was hauled in for questioning again. Michelle gets a call from Maria to say that the police have arrested Jimmy, Tony’s hitman. Michelle wonders why Carla never mentioned it. Michelle reckons Carla knows a lot more about Liam’s murder than she’s letting on. She voices her suspicions to Hayley.

Dev‘s feeling sorry for himself since Bernie blew him out, realising he’s all alone. He’s drunk and maudlin as he tells Steve how he doesn’t understand women. Steve advises him to try and build bridges with Sunita for the sake of his kids.

Ken and Deirdre agree to put the newspaper article behind them. Ken feels bad and tries to make it up with Peter for Simon’s sake. But Peter’s still furious and not interested in his excuses.

Also; Norris realises he owes Graeme an apology and offers to look after his window-cleaning round whilst he’s out of action. Graeme’s grateful. While, Norris is secretly thrilled at the prospect of nosying into other people’s houses.

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