The police question Jason

David fills in DS Kerr on Jason’s feud with Callum and Kylie and Sarah are taken aback to realise that David put him in the frame. At the station, Jason’s unnerved when DS Kerr points out that he had a strong motive for murder. Back on the street, Jason furiously accuses David of trying to implicate him to cover his own tracks, while Gail and Eileen weigh in to defend their sons.

Aidan’s working in the Underworld office, when a drunken Sinead barges in, all dolled up ready for the modelling job he offered earlier. When Aidan explains she’s too late, Sinead bursts into tears over Chesney and Aidan comforts her. Touched, she leans in for a kiss, but Aidan quickly pulls back. Horrified, she flees and Chesney finds her passed out on the sofa at No 5.

Phelan refuses to look at some loose roof slates for Norris, to Jason’s disapproval. So he backtracks and offers his and Jason’s services. Norris points out that he needs someone who will do a good job, which leaves Phelan seething.