The police question Rob

Rob is questioned by DC Hussein over the alleged assault on May and a frantic Dawn heads to the police station to find out what’s happening but is prevented from seeing Rob. Rob tells DC Hussein that May gave herself the black eye, but Hussein clearly doesn’t buy his story. An upset Dawn tells Rob they should do a runner from the Square but Rob doesn’t want to make himself look guilty.

Libby arranges to meet up with her internet pal Einstein27 in the local park, sure that she’s thrown Yolande off the scent. Libby is left waiting and thinks that she’s been stood up – until she feels a hand on her shoulder…

Ian and family turn up at Dot’s for the meeting Dot has organised with the Mitchells. When the Mitchells eventually arrive, it’s all-out war, as usual. But eventually the two families agree to a girls and boys bonding session with the boys going on a camping trip and the girls having a pampering day at Booty.

Also, Li asks the Gazette to run Mickey’s escort ad again.

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