Claire‘s mortified that Dev brought up her history of post natal depression during their spat, and finally tells the police that she left the kids with Sophie and Sian. Sally’s livid as the police officers question the girls and turns on a frightened Claire, demanding to know why she’s accusing them of causing Aadi’s injuries. As they all travel to the wedding a row breaks out again and Claire snaps, revealing to all that while Sophie was meant to be looking after the kids she was snogging Sian.

Becky‘s organised a wedding treat for Roy and Hayley – they are travelling to the venue by steam train. As Roy mans the footplate, Hayley’s hidden away in the last carriage. But after her invite snub, Mary plots her revenge. She’s uncoupled the rear carriage and by the time Hayley realises, it’s too late and she and Becky have been left stranded.

Nick’s stunned when Natasha shows him their baby scan picture that she actually stole from Fiz. She claims she found out about the appointment at the last minute and had to rush there alone. Nick’s obviously gutted that he missed the chance to see their baby.

Also, Liz tries to negotiate peace at the rovers.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sophie‘s aware that all eyes are on her and she vehemently denies Claire’s claim; as a result the Websters instantly turn on Claire. Meanwhile, gossip runs wild through the congregation and as the girls sing in the choir they’re terrified of the questions that inevitably lie ahead. Back at home Kevin’s picked up on Sophie’s distress and assures her that she can tell him anything.

Becky and Fiz pull out all the stops to insure Hayley gets to her wedding, meanwhile Roy is sweating wondering whether his future wife will turn up. With the guests and register growing impatient, Hayley is in a race against time to reach the altar.

Nick’s upset when he goes to speak to Gail, hoping to show her Natasha’s baby scan. But he’s gutted when she gives him a short shrift and wonders at her lack of support for him at Natasha.

Also, Chesney has a memorable first date with Katy.

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