The police question Steve

Steve fears he’s in the frame for Tracy’s assault as she lies unconscious in hospital, while the police start to question the residents about her assault. Steve hopes he’ll be able to look after Amy, but Deirdre makes it clear she thinks he’s responsible for the attack. The police question Steve, wanting to know why he handed custody of Amy over to Tracy without a fight. Unable to tell them the truth, Steve ends up looking very suspicious. Meanwhile, Gail and David, realising they’re both short of an alibi, agree to lie and say they were together when Tracy was attacked.

Sian and Sophie wake after a night of passion, happy to have finally consummated their relationship. But Sally’s day is going from bad to worse. First she fails to persuade Rosie to move back home then she walks into Sophie’s bedroom and is shocked to find the girls in bed together.

Anna’s relieved when Gary finally emerges from his bedroom and asks for forgiveness. He apologises to Anna for his recent behaviour and to Izzy for standing her up, explaining he’s been finding it hard to cope. But Izzy finds it hard to accept his apology.

Also, Audrey’s horrified to discover Claudia’s thinking of opening a salon in the butchers’ shop premises.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sally drags Sophie and Sian downstairs and as she loses her rag the girls end up taking refuge at No 11. Rosie, Jason and Sean are sympathetic while Eileen attempts to talk to Sally, but she finds it hard to get through to her. A drained Sally persuades Tyrone to come back for his tea. They sympathise with each other over recent events, but as they say goodnight their kiss turns into passion. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Sian how she’s starting to lose her faith in God as a result of all the awful things that have happened recently.

Steve protests his innocence to the police, but they remain suspicious about his involvement in Tracy’s attack. Detectives also question Gail, David and Nick about the incident.

Gary accepts Owen’s offer of some work at the yard. But as Gary thanks Izzy for getting him the job Owen realises that Gary and his daughter are an item and wonders whether to retract his offer.

Also, John and Fiz bump into Joy Fishwick at the hospital. Joy explains how she’s dying of chronic heart failure and desperately wants to get in touch with Colin. She gives John her number asking him to pass it on to Colin if he gets in touch.

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