The police question Tony

Tony prepares for the performance of his life as the police arrive at the flat. After telling Carla about Maria‘s accusations and that he knew about the affair he is confident he can hold it together. Tony stays calm as he is quizzed by the police and denies offering Maria money for her silence. He paints a picture of a deranged widow looking for revenge and the police leave satisfied, but Carla is left rattled.

Peter is chipper when Leanne pops over to help him and Simon decorate the Christmas tree. Leanne has fun and agrees to stay after Simon has gone to bed. But Peter is soon downing the drinks and as he gets drunker Leanne decides to call it a night. Peter makes a clumsy pass at Leanne, but she pushes him away.

Gail arrives home to find the Windasses have gone to town with their Christmas lights but she bites her tongue and heads inside for a quiet night with Joe. When the time for the official switch on arrives Gail gets a shock as the Windasses have covered her house with garish Christmas lights, too!

Also, Eileen and Jesse go for a drink; Liz introduces Michelle to her new friend, Poppy, a barmaid.

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