The police comb Home Farm for clues after searching for the murder weapon in vain, but it initially seems their search may be fruitless. Jimmy suggests they look in Tom’s cabinets and it’s discovered that several valuable items are missing. Pearl worries when Matthew suggests that Len had access to the cabinet before the murder…

Chas worries that Eli will attract unwanted attention if he tries to sell off his loot from Home Farm. Eli ignores her fears and tries to palm the goods off on Rodney, but Rodney suspects Eli stolen them from Tom and sends him on his way. Rodney curries favour with Rosemary by telling her that Eli has the stolen items.

Rodney is chuffed about his success with the Jag sale and he decides to start a new venture – solar power! But his business idea doesn’t seem to impress any of the villagers.

Meanwhile, the police question Len.