The police raid the Bistro! (VIDEO)

Nick’s horrified as the police search the Bistro for drugs. No evidence of drug use is found, but the damage has been done as the reporter has her story. With David subtly winding him up Nick tells a hurt Leanne she can’t take risks with his business again. As David watches, the rowing couple rise to the bait.

Katy’s shocked to hear Ryan was spotted with another woman and heads home to confront him. After reading his texts she demands to know who she is. On the defensive, Ryan tries to explain himself.

As Tim calls round to Anna’s with a box of Faye’s things a sense of sadness hangs in the air. In the pub he confides in Sally, he’s leaving town and it’s for the best. But Tim doesn’t really believe this.

Also, Eileen’s upbeat following her counselling session, but Paul forgets to ask having had a bad day dealing with hoax calls from a group of kids; Peter bites his tongue as Carla flashes the cash, clearly struggling with Carla being the breadwinner.