Ian is surprised to see the police on the doorstep, who have news of the latest development in Lucy’s murder investigation. When the police reveal that ‘someone’ is now in the frame for the murder and Jake will be released, Ian is stunned. A conversation with Mick makes it obvious to Ian that Billy is the new suspect. Storming into the Vic, Ian confronts Billy in front of everyone. As a furious Peter pins Billy against the wall, Ian calms him down, telling him to leave it to the police. Later, a mysterious person buries Lucy’s missing phone and wallet in Billy’s plot at the allotment…

Lee is still keen on Whitney and tries asking her out again. When Whitney knocks him back, a frustrated Lee visits Tina for some advice. As he walks into the cafe, Lee is shocked to find Tina in the middle of one of her dodgy deals!

Abi and Jay go out of town for a university open day. The couple soon start arguing, as Jay can’t help making it clear that he wants Abi to stay in London. Back in the Square, a guilty Jay sneaks into the Brannings’ to leave Abi chocolates as an apology – seeing Max and Emma together!