The police sting turns into a disaster

*Second episode*

All hell breaks loose at Tug Ghyll as Debbie manipulates a confession out of Cameron. But as she yells the code word to the police, she panics when no action is taken. As Cameron works out what is going on, he wedges the door shut, threatening to kill her if the cops enter. Meanwhile, outside, Cain, Charity and Chas are losing it as the situation spirals out of control. When Cameron chases Debbie up the stairs, she manages to knock him down and make a bolt for the door, resulting in the killer’s arrest.

Rhona and Vanessa are having a heart-to-heart when Paddy returns home. He’s stunned to find Vanessa there and unimpressed when Rhona tells him she’s going to return to work as per her friend’s advice. The situation leaves him simmering with jealousy.

Dom breaks his promise to Alicia and confronts Megan about giving his girlfriend the sack. When Megan reveals the truth – that Alicia quit so she didn’t have to arrange David’s wedding – he appears to take it on the chin.