Janine is being interviewed by the police as Michael’s body is removed from the crime scene. Going through the order of events, as Janine tells the police how much she loved Michael it all gets too much for her. Struggling to breathe, Janine is stopped in her tracks as she has a panic attack. Meanwhile, a fragile and tearful Alice is in a separate room being interviewed about Michael’s death and she gives a faltering statement.

Joey has had a night on the tiles and arrives home to the surprise of a heavy police presence outside Janine’s house. Dropping in on Carol, Joey is horrified to discover that Michael was stabbed and killed and Alice was involved.

Alfie is numb with shock after finding out about Michael’s death. Grieving for his cousin and for Tommy, who will never get to know his dad, Alfie feels overwhelmed. When Kat arrives after hearing the terrible news she and Alfie tearfully comfort each other. Roxy is devastated when she realises just how strong Kat and Alfie’s bond is. Later, Alfie watches as Michael’s body is removed from the house and Roxy is quick to step in to comfort him.