Ste panics when Tony takes a bottle of the drug-laced wine to celebrate with. Tony discovers the drugs and has to hide them in the flat quickly, kicking one bag under the fridge and putting some more in a bin bag. Diane agrees to marry him today, but now Tony has a bigger issue on his hands. Sinead and Freddie overhear Tony railing at Ste about the drugs and when Sinead hears there are still some at Tony’s flat, she decides to report him. Freddie talks her down, but when Sinead finds out Diane and Tony are getting married and she’s not invited, her blood boils. Just as Diane and Finn are about to leave for the wedding, Sonny and two police officers knock on the door.

Her wedding guests watch as Diane is escorted into a police car, while Sinead takes her chance to see her baby. Diane is released when Tony tells Sonny the drugs were for his own consumption, but Sonny isn’t buying it.

Tony’s released on bail and returns home to Diane, who has packed his bags. Suddenly, Diane shouts that Katy’s not breathing. Sinead and Freddie see Katy, Diane and Tony getting into the ambulance and Finn questions what Sinead did to her.

Also, Darren is left reeling at Nancy when she gets a little too close for comfort to Patrick.