OMG! The police are at Jai’s property! A law-abiding citizen has told them to look there for stolen goods and that’s exactly what they’re doing. What a relief, then, that the barn is empty. Except… Carl hasn’t shipped the TVs and Jai hasn’t moved them, so where are they? That’s when Charity’s suspicious mind turns to Cain. Her gut feeling is that Cain’s looted their loot – and she’s right. She’s furious, but Jai is even angrier when he realises Cain knew what they were up to.

Cain could give Ella some lessons in how to get a person’s attention. She certainly needs them! Flirting, fawning and flat out throwing herself at Declan don’t get her noticed and his dad, Dermot, is forced to tell Declan that he’s neglecting Ella. Listening to his dad (for once), Declan decides to throw Ella a surprise party the next day, to celebrate their anniversary. But Ella’s already made other plans – with Adam.

Nicola’s making plans, too, and they definitely don’t include Jimmy. He’s shocked when Nicola won’t let him see Angelica and worried when she tells him there’s another letter from her solicitor on its way to him. That would be the one telling him she’s filed for sole custody of Angelica.