Cherry goes back to Scott’s flat to pick up some fresh clothes and she gets emotional. DI Lucas is near breaking point because of the pressure and is determined to get Paul Coyle. She goes with DS Richmond to see Cherry at Scott’s flat and ask her to keep Scott’s death quiet and convince his associates he is still alive. They want Cherry to be part of a sting operation to get Paul Coyle.

Cherry is quite reluctant at first and despite misgivings from DS Richmond, DI Lucas shows Cherry some photographs of Scott selling drugs to children. This is the last straw and Cherry agrees to do what they want. DS Richmond struggles to hide his unease but DI Lucas realises Cherry is their last chance.

Julia is delighted with the changes at the Campus and unveils the new consulting room. The others are less enthusiastic though, and Julia gets upset. She gets a call from Liam – he, Ocean and Marlin are coming for a visit. Jimmi and Michelle go to apologise to Julia but Michelle upsets her when she asks how Julia is going to manage to be in the same house as Ocean?

Also, Zara meets a young girl living in a fantasy world and uncovers a dark secret behind the fairytale.

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