Nervy Natasha is struggling to keep her family together and keep a lid on her grim secret. Understandably, then, she goes into full panic mode when Will goes missing. What if he’s gone to the woods? She’s just told the boy he’s never going to see his father again and now he might find Daddy as dead as the leaves on the ground. Then there’s Maisie… She’s upset to see Ryan with Katie and her hysteria threatens to erupt again when the police come sniffing around Home Farm. Hope the officers are wearing body armour as Maisie likes to throw things – oranges, bananas, cups – when she gets upset.

Just when the Wylde ones could use some spiritual guidance, Bishop George tells Ashley he can resume watching over his flock. Well, having seen the carnage caused by psycho Sally at the vicarage, the Bishop could hardly deny her mental instability. Can Ashley now get on the road to recovering his marriage?

Perhaps the only person oblivious to the village dramas is Sam. He has only eyes and ears for his illegal immigrant friend Olena and Zak finally relents and tells Sam he should tell her how he feels.

*Second episode*

Oh, Maisie. Ryan was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time – then she found out he’s her half-brother. But the feelings she has for him won’t go away. There’s even a name for them: genetic sexual attraction (GSA). It’s more common than a lot of people might think but it doesn’t mean she has a future with Ryan. Maisie doesn’t quite realise that yet, though. She asks Ryan to meet her to talk – and tries to kiss him! Ryan is furious and Maisie is devastated – again.

Still pretending he’s heterosexual, Aaron’s fighting off a girl, too: Holly. She wants him to go to the Lake District but he’s saved by work… Having accidentally broken Cain’s foot, Aaron has to drive him on a job to Rotterdam. They can’t get up to much mischief, there, can they?

Meanwhile, there’s a member of the Barton family who’s the victim of more than mischief, but the rest of them have been so busy arguing over whether or not Aaron’s gay that they haven’t noticed… Youngest child Hannah is being bullied at school and even her so-called friend Victoria is in on it, although Hannah doesn’t know that – yet.