*Episode one*

Belle talks to the police about the last time she saw Gemma, but Lisa can tell that Belle’s not telling them everything – such as how they had a row about Sean and how Gemma fell and hit her head after Belle pushed her. That awful part of Belle’s last minutes with Gemma sticks in her throat and she can’t quite cough it up in front of the police. It comes out, though, when they’ve gone. Alone with her mother, guilt-stricken Belle tells Lisa everything.

Dom’s the one who really needs to know what happened to Gemma. He’s beating himself up because he was in bed with Harriet while Gemma lay dying. Harriet feels God-awful, too. She wanted Dom and got him and they had a night she’ll never forget – but for all the wrong reasons. She needs someone to confess to – and chooses Ashley.

Still feeling very negative about being HIV positive, Val starts drinking… and doesn’t seem to want to stop. This is good news for Kerry, who has a new drinking buddy – but bad news for Pollard, who has to deal with the drunken Val.