The investigation into India’s murder is gathering momentum and, for Texas, the pressure begins to take its toll. Silas’s article on the India murder case gets Ethan into trouble since Nancy managed to get all the information from him. The police announce that they’ll be furthering the investigation, as Silas seems pleased with himself.

A smiling Silas watches on as Texas makes an appeal but he’s stunned when she makes a shocking announcement…she’s going to play India at the police reconstruction to try and jog people’s memories.

In an effort to take her mind off her lustful urges, Carmel organises a sponsored dancercise class in the Village to raise money for Father Francis’s charities.

Also, Lee is gutted that he’s blown it with Amy. But it’s clear that the pair still have feelings for each other. However, Amy decides to drown her sorrows with a glass… or five!