The pressure gets too much for Kirsty!

Kirsty realises her lie is about to be blown with the scan due today. When Kirsty lies to Max that the clinic called to cancel, Max insists they go there to complain. Kirsty has a panic attack and flees. After Max returns having discovered that Kirsty cancelled the appointment herself, Kirsty’s about to tearfully confess when Max apologises for pushing her into the scan, promising to give her space.

When Tanya discovers that Lauren spent money from Dot on booze, she insists Lauren work with Cora in the launderette for the day to pay back Dot. Trying to talk to a sullen Lauren about her drinking, Cora is making progress until they’re interrupted by Dot and Lauren leaves. Later, Cora discovers money missing from her purse. Lauren is at home with a bottle of wine bought with Cora’s stolen cash…

Ava talks Dexter into meeting her at the Vic for lunch. When they see Sam in the pub, an angry Dexter leaves. After Ava advises Sam to take the hint and get out of Walford, Sam’s annoyed at always being the bad guy, reminding Ava that she drove him away. When Ava lets slip how much she loved him, Sam moves in for a kiss. Ava nearly responds, but pulls away.