Well, we knew the missing Bex Fisher (former Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien) was going to turn up sooner or later and she does, making a dramatic entrance in the final episode of this sixth series and turning the Fisher family’s world upside-down.

Head Teacher Karen is busy with Waterloo Road’s last day of term and doesn’t notice that she’s being watched by a mysterious, hooded figure (neither does the school’s security…) When Karen’s full attention is on a Sixth Form student revolt caused by Grantly, the young woman sneaks into her office and steals her keys. So what’s Grantly done this time? He’s been teaching the A-level students the wrong coursework. Well, his mind has been on his wife, Fleur, who has Alzheimer’s. Steph (guest star Denise Welch) comes to Grantly’s rescue again and staff and pupils show touching concern when they realise just how difficult life has been for Grantly.

Meanwhile, life in Karen’s home takes a dramatic turn when Jess thinks they have a burglar in the house. It turns out no one has broken in. Bex has used the keys she took from her mum’s office to let herself in to the Fisher home. Will the series end with a happy family reunion or will the Fishers be a family at war?

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