The Queen

Helen Mirren does an Oscar-winning interpretation of Her Majesty

Helen Mirren gives a truly amazing performance in the title role. And, from her first moment on screen, it’s impossible not be taken in: she gets the voice, look and body language of the Queen exactly right.

The movie focuses on that one extraordinary week in 1997 which began with the death of Princess Diana in Paris. There was no precedent either for the wave of public grief that overtook the nation or for the Royal Family’s somewhat tardy response to it.

A week is a long time in politics: as Tony Blair, Michael Sheen is also outstanding and much of the joy of film lies in its meticulous depiction of the clash of personalities between the veteran monarch (Blair was no less than the tenth Prime Minister to serve her) and the new man at Number 10.

Often very funny, superbly written and surprisingly moving, this is a mesmerising film.