The race is on… for Chas’s affections! (VIDEO)

The day of the 10km fun run dawns. There’s a Smurf (Dan), a cowboy (Cameron) and a banana (David). And there’s Carl, who’s just rolled up his trousers. David’s keen to win (but, more importantly to beat Nikhil, who’s bouncing around nearby, ready for the off), the other three are keen to impress Chas. Cameron crosses the finish line and runs straight to Chas, taunting her about Dan. Carl is tripped by Sean, who wants his dad to win. But Dan doesn’t even finish the race – he collapses and Chas rushes to his side. He feels much better after Chas kisses him and he tells her he loves her. Whoa! Chas backs off and goes to the pub – where Cameron tells her he loves her and can’t live without her!

Declan can live without Robbie and he makes that perfectly clear. Robbie’s angry – but he’s devious, too. Robbie plays the victim yet again, telling Declan there’s no point in him trying to defend himself as Declan has made up his mind about him – and it works. Declan’s left wondering if he’s been a bit harsh.

Rachel wonders what she’s agreed to after she sees the flat in Leeds that Jai has lined up for her. He reckons she can move in a couple of weeks. But Rachel’s not happy…

*Second episode*

Here we go again… Cameron has declared his undying love for Chas and says he wants to be with her. But Chas isn’t swooning; she’s furious. Cameron’s deeply jealous, though, and mocks Chas’s relationship with Dan. Well, it is a bit of a joke, but Chas isn’t laughing. She hits Cameron where it hurts – then proposes to Dan! And he says ‘no’! What? He thinks he can do better?? No. The problem is Dan doesn’t think he can really be this lucky. He has one question for Chas: does she love him? And he’s heartbroken when Chas can’t say that she does.

Amy can’t love a mother who seems determined to ruin the life she has with Val and Pollard. Why would Kerry want to do that? Well, she won’t admit it, but she’s jealous. She finally sees how much Amy loves the ‘fascist Rottweiler’ (Val) and Pollard and she can’t bear it.

Talking of vicious dogs, Charity’s been watching Priya flirt with David and warns her that Alicia won’t be happy if she hears about it. But, of course, David and Alicia’s marriage is a sham – and Priya knows.