Ned and Janae chase after Kirsten but she recklessly drives through a stop sign with Mickey in the car. Terrified for his son’s safety, Ned wants to call the police but Janae dissuades him, telling him Mickey shouldn’t have to see his mum being chased by the police.

They turn to Toadie who agrees that the cops could cause Kirsten to panic, putting Mickey in even more danger. Diana suggests Tim Collins can help and puts him under pressure to act for Mickey’s sake. Tim calls Kirsten, begging her to come back. But she refuses to listen and heads to the travel agent with Mickey.

Despite continuing to argue with Justin, Bridget is furious when Declan punches him on her behalf. Desperate for everyone to see she can fight her own battles, Bridget sets out to prove she’s tougher than all the Year 10 boys on the abseiling trip.

Meanwhile. Declan is annoyed by her rejection of his friendship, and starts deliberately winding her up. Their disagreement takes a dangerous turn when Bridget makes a terrible mistake and loses her grip on the climbing ropes, sending Declan plunging to the ground.