The rafting trip gets competitive

The teens go on their rafting trip and with Kyle taking every opportunity to provoke Declan, Zeke finds himself having to support his new mates against his old. With the boys aggression on the rise, Simpson suggests they wait to apply their competitive streak in the water, in a rafting race.

When Dan tells Sam she has to pack her bags and leave Erinsborough she manipulates him into believing she is having another manic episode. When Dan tells Karl he thinks Sam could be having another manic episode, Karl pays Sam a visit. However, all he finds is a very self-aware Sam, who is just playing games! He keeps his doctor confidentiality in order and refrains from telling Dan. Sam feels she has won a victory over Libby until Dan announces he intends to fight for full custody of their unborn daughter.

Steph gets ready for her hot date and puts on her new frock and frills in order to make a girly impression. However at the last minute, she decides to go as herself instead. When she turns up for the date, she is shocked to find a blast from the past greeting her. Reminiscing about their days together at college, Steph starts to wonder if she’s finally met Mr Right.

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