*Second episode*

It’s a big day for Donna as she talks Ross through the last-minute details of the robbery, before heading off for the Christening which she has planned for herself and April. Later, while she’s in the church for the service, Ross sneaks off to raid the jeweller’s shop. But things take an unexpected turn when he tries to make off with his booty and is confronted by a mystery man wielding a baseball bat. When he eventually returns to the village, Ross is bruised and covered in blood.

In court, Dom and the Dingles are shocked with Belle’s sentence. Back at the village, Zak finds Dom leaving the village and is unable to persuade him to stay. Meanwhile, Sam has to contend with his own criminal charges and finds an unexpected friend in Sean…

Elsewhere, Priya continues her search for a husband and persuades Rishi to keep it a secret for the time being, and there’s still tension between Moira and James when they are left to look after the pub while the Dingles go to Belle’s sentencing.