The Ramsays are back on Ramsay Street!

Katie finally gives in to Susan’s pressure and moves her family into Number 24 and the residents of Ramsay Street all pitch in to help them move.

Dan’s inability to come to terms with having Steph act as their surrogate mother shocks Libby. Steph confronts Dan, and tells him he is letting his own insecurities take priority over Libby’s desperate desire to have another child. Inadvertently prompted by Bridget, Dan reveals that his real concern is about losing control. However, Libby’s happiness is soon undercut when Karl forces Steph to reveal that if she carries their child her breast cancer might return.

Ringo convinces Zeke that Donna kissing Sunny was no big deal and that Zeke should renew their relationship. However, Zeke’s attempts to follow this advice are thwarted by Sunny’s embarrassment and stubbornness. When Ringo’s attempt to get the two of them together backfires, he talks Zeke into taking a direct approach. Zeke manages to melt Sunny’s heart with his sincerity.

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